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Festival de los Andes 2014


Sunday June 1ST, 11 AM. to 6PM. Main Street, Fort Lee, NJ.

Live music, food, artists , vendors, farmer's market . 

I will be there in the space #87

"ColoresLatinos". Art Exhibition

July 16th to August 6th, 2014

At Bergen Community College, Ciarco Learning Center. Hackensack. NJ

Organized By Club Colombia Hackensack, NJ.

Art Director Monica Chavarria.

Process of the painting :" Falling For the Family"

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"Yellow Tree". Process . "Circle of Love"

Fort Lee Outdoors Art Show

September 27th, 2015

Best Acrylic Awards

with Barry Shiff Judge.

Fort Lee Community Center, Fort Lee NJ

      "Soul Mates #2

LIFE PARTNERS Two trees stood in a forest, several feet apart;
for some time not even aware of each other.
One day when the wind blew so strong,
the edges of the trees branches made contact.
The contact was short but both trees enjoyed very much how it felt to touch the other. Because of the circumstances, they only touched each other on those rare occasions when the conditions were just right.
​ They longed for those brief opportunities, when the weather cooperated and allowed their branches to brush against each other. “Please wind, blow harder today.” They would both ask. But still, they were very limited in their contact. Most of the time they were apart.
​ None-the-less they continued to yearn for each other's caresses. But it was obvious to both that they could not change the situation. Trees could not move from one location to another just because they wanted to! Even a short distance like this was not possible. "We can never be together, and that's the way it will always be." Said one tree. "Perhaps over time things will change." Said the other, as it tried to lean towards the first; unable to reach her. Time was the key element! Perhaps there was some change in the soil around their trunks; maybe it was their extreme desire to be together. But over time, each of the trees developed a slight lean towards the other. In fact, they were close enough that they were touching even without the help of the wind!
What seemed at one point to be impossible was now occurring. The two trees were so happy to finally be able to feel the others touch. It took time, indeed quite some time. But it was worth it. As the years passed, the lean towards each other continued to increase. Eventually the trunks of these two trees were pressing against each other.Several of the branches were intertwined. Perhaps because of the pressure of pushing against each other for so long; or maybe it was their extreme love for each other- the trees started to fuse together at points. These two trees were becoming even more than “life partners”, they were literally becoming one tree!

By Monica  Chavarria

Derechos de Autor. Copyrights .

from my book Soul Mates, Poems.


Art  Solo Exhibition. November 1, 2015 to January 4th, 2016. Here some paintings exhibited.

Here is the video of  my solo art exhibition At Fort Lee Public Library November 2015- January 2016. click here in this link.