Monica Chavarria was born in Medellin-Antioquia. She is graduated from Antioquia University in Master's Degree in Management and Cultural Promotion; a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education and Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Antioquia University (Medellin-Colombia).

She has been art teacher for more than 16 years.

Monica's paintings represent a carnival of color, which invites to the public to see beyond and understand how beautiful our Latino American Culture is. The color in her work is well known; she shows love for life and nature that comes from Colombian cultural wealth. She is figurative artist, but with great expressionist-surrealist influence. Some of her paintings show a festival of trees in which human feelings are reflected through their branches that touch and cares each other. The imagination and the philosophy of love are reflected in the faces and bodies, creating and fantasy space, dramatic, spiritual dance of love between soul mates. In addition, you will see others paintings where the artists has developed themes that express the presence of Colombia's indigenous culture like masks, flowers, landscapes, houses and traditions.

She has participated for over 20 years in several national and international artistic events, Solo and group exhibitions, especially in Colombia and United States.

M'onica Art Teacher

She has been dedicated to developing cultural and artistic projects for more than 15 years. Her compromise as an artist goes beyond her professional experience; she is committed to education, research and public awareness to the importance of the arts in human life.

with my husband Ted Malin, who is my support. :)

Monica's Artistic style:

She is surrealistic- figurative artist;She has participated for over 20 years in several national and international artistic events, solo and group exhibitions; especially in Colombia and United States.

Monica has received multiple Awards for her artistic contribution to the Community.

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