Monica Chavarria-Malin

Visual Artist

Lucky to be part of the artists interviewed in 201Magazine. February 2021

Latin American Art Exhibition. 2021​

Virtual Opening Art Exhibition July 10th

Festival de la Esperanza"

Club Colombia USA of Hackensack, NJ

Art Director&Curator :Monica Chavarria

This year, 2022.  Monica is the set designer of two important plays in Orange Public School, NJ.  with the collaboration of a great team of students and teachers. Here are the results:

​Play #1  "Puffs"


Arts Amble:  June 10th at Garden  Club of Hackensack, Outdoors art show

Arts Amble: June-July 2022 at Villa de Colombia Restaurant Solo Exhibition  "Tribute a my Dear Colombia:.


November-December 2021 At Johnson Public Library. Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack Art Club Exhibition:” Making History Thru Art”

October-November 2021 At the Consulate of Colombia, in Newark, NJ. “Colombia, Land of Colors”

Set Designer of the Play “Puffs”. Orange Public School, NJ (October-November, 2021

July 2021. Virtual Art Show. Monica Chavarria, artist and Curator of The Club Colombia USA of Hackensack. “Festival of Hope”

Arts Amble, June 2021 at Olsen Park. Bogota

June 2021 Art exhibition at Hackensack Brewery Company. 

Artist: Monica Amparo Chavarria Piedrahita was born in Medellin-Antioquia, She is graduated from Antioquia University in Master’s Degree in Management and Promotion Cultural Events; Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in  Master Fine Arts,  Antioquia  University (Medellin-Colombia).

 As a teacher of art education for over 22  years, she has been dedicated to developing cultural and artistic projects for the Community  involving Music, Photography, Design, Theater, Dance, Art History and Visual arts.  Her compromise as an artist goes beyond her professional experience; she is committed to education, research, and public awareness of the importance of the arts in human life. Her artistic involvement has been high especially in painting, art crafts, and photography. She likes different mediums like watercolor and oil, but also she prefers acrylic paint.  

 Actually, she is committed to creating a series of paintings for her project of poems called "Soul Mates", and special Private lessons including Art therapy.


The color in her work is well known; she shows love for life and nature that comes from Colombian culture, wealth. She is a figurative artist, but with great expressionist-surrealist influence. 


Her paintings show a festival of trees in which human feelings are reflected through their branches that touch and caress each other. The imagination and the philosophy of love are reflected in the faces and bodies, creating a fantasy space, dramatic, spiritual dance of love between soul mates. “Soul Mate Trees” are represented through how essential it is to love each other.

She loves landscapes which often are a reflection of memories and desires of those places that   are part of her personal history or imagination. For example,  memories about her town, childhood, flowers, mountains, traditions, fantasies, and passions.

The artist has also developed others topics expressing the presence of Colombian indigenous culture, its natural wealth, and the artist’s imagination. Using symbols, colors, shapes, and expressive aesthetic beauty, her paintings represent a carnival of color, which invites the public to see beyond and reflect on something we should never forget: "Our  Latin Color".

She has participated for over 20 years in several national and international artistic events, solo and group exhibitions, especially in Colombia and New Jersey, USA. Also, the mural titled "When the nature is in love, located at 31 McBride Ave. Paterson, NJ. June 2011.

Monica has received multiple awards for her artistic contribution to the community. Here are some events in New Jersey, United States:


4th Annual Holiday  Artisan Art Craft Show. Ringwood, NJ. Nov. 16th, 2013.

2013 Bergen County  Art in the Park  Show. Winners' Group Exhibition. November 1-25th,2013. The Lobby, One Bergen County Plaza, Hackensack, NJ.

Art Solo Exhibition "Color Latino/ Latin Color. Teaneck Public Library. Teaneck, NJ 07666. November 1st to November 30th. 2013

Art in the Park.  Show and Concert. Van Saun County Park. Paramus.  County Bergen. Department of Parks . Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs. NJ. Honorable Mention .

Digable Arts Festival . Monroe Arts Center. Hoboken, NJ

October 12th and 13th, 2013.

The month of The Heritage, City Hall Jersey City. NJ. October 1st to October 31st, 2013. At Jersey City Studio Tour 2013.

Higland Park. Art in the Park. Third Place Painting. SEptember 28th, 2013

Solo Art  Exhibition “Soul Mates Trees”.  Phoebe’s Place. Teaneck, NJ. May 2013

SOLO Exhibition “Miniatures”, March 11 to March 28, At Lillian M. Steen School, Bogota, NJ. Week of the Arts.

Xpoarte  2013.  Organize Club Colombia USA, Hackensack, NJ.  Colombian’s Independence Day. July- August 2013

Art Exhibition “Four Word Progress”. City Hall Jersey City, NJ.  July 2013

Festival de los Andes at New Jersey City University. Jersey City, NJ. June 2013

Silent Auction. New Jersey University’s Fifth Annual Diversity. Jersey City. NJ April 2013

Spring Photo at Grace Church V Community Service. Jersey City. NJ April 2013

“Strong Women Exhibition. March 21, 2013. Congregation ahavas Sholom 45, Broaday, Newark, NJ 07104.

New York Realism Fine Arts. “Fantasy of Beauty&Paradise”. An International fine Arts Exhibit. West Park Art Gallery, New York, NY.


 “ The Nature and Fantasy of Colombia”. Johnson Public Library, Hackensack, NJ 07601


February. “All Women Art Exhibition”.  Painting Category.

March.  “Third Annual Strong Women, Newark, NJ 07102

April 09th. “Silent Auction”. New Jersey, City University’s . Fifth Annual Diversity. Ersey City, NJ.

April 21st, Digable Arts Festival. Monroe Center. Hoboken, NJ

June. Festival de los Andes. In celebration of the Culture and Latina Heritage. Park fink, Perth Amboy, NJ

July.  Xpoarte. Club Colombia USA Hackensack, Bergen Community College, Ciarco  Learning Center, Hackensack,  NJ 07601.

September  15.  Festival On the Green; Arts, Music and Craft Fair. Friberger Park, Union Center. Union, NJ 07083

September  30.  Highland Park’s Annual Arts in the Park Festival, Highland Park, NJ 08904

October 6.   48th Annual Bergen County. Art in the Park Show. Paramus, NJ

October 13.  Jersey City Land of the Freeform Art and Music. Riverview Park, Jersey City. NJ 07307

November 18th Holiday Craft and Gift Show. Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

December 1st. Art Exhibition Grace Church Van Vorst. Jersey City, NJ 07302

December 9th “Third Annual Holiday Artisan Craft Show at the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse, Ringwood, NJ

December 7th, The Art of Giving Group Show” Jersey City, NJ

December 14  “Sacred Geometry”. Fourth Street Ball at the City Hall. John W. Meagher Rotunda Gallery. Jersey City, NJ 07302


 V Latin American Art Exhibition  ICAL, May 2011.  V Exposicion de Arte Latino Americano 2011

 Festival de los Andes, June 5th, 2011. New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ

 Art Exhibition  Club Colombia USA, Bergen County Community College. Ciarco Learning  Center, Hackensack, July 12 2011

  Paterson Art Walk, NJ. June 2011 (paintings and mural).

  October 6th, 2011. 19th Annual Latino Heritage Month Celebration &Awards Ceremony. Bergen County Administration Building Freeholders Public Meeting Room, Hackensack, NJ. “Latino Heritage Month Art Expo: !Viva Bergen!”.

Certificate of Recognition. County of Bergen, State of New Jersey, 2011.

Certificate of Commendation.  County of Bergen, State of New Jersey, 2011.

Bergen County Surrogate’s  Court. Certificate of Commendation, 2011

Certificate of Commendation. The Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders, 2011

Certificate of Commendation, Office of the Bergen County Sheriff, 2011

 Digable Arts Festival, Hoboken, NJ October 15th-16th, 2011

 October 20. Hispanics in the Arts Exhibition. The office of the Attorney General, NJ Division on civil Rights, New Brunswick, NJ.

 October 22nd.  Festival On the Green. Friberger Park.Union, NJ

 October 26. “Engraving Collection 20 years”. Faculty of Art. University of Antioquia. Medellin-Colombia. 2011.


 Retrospectiva Artistica Colombiana en el Exterior.  Bergen Community College. Ciarco Learning Center, Hackensack, NJ.  Hackensack Club Colombia USA. July 13, 2010.

  Digable Arts Festival, Hoboken, NJ October 15th-16th, 2010

 Latinoamerican Artshow . Muestra de Arte Latinoamericano ICAL , Hackensack, Cultural   Arts Center , May 2010

  Festival de los Andes, Julio 10,  2010. Perth Amboy, NJ

   II Festival  ICAL, Bergen Community College, September 24th, 2010

 Heritage Month Celebration, Bergen County Administration Building, Hackensack, NJ. October 2010 “Latino Heritage Month. Mes de la Herencia Latina, Octubre 2010

Certificates of Special Congressional Recognition  2010


 Groups Art Exhibitions :

Concurso de Fotografía: Nutrición y Dietética. Universidad de Antioquia, 2001.

 V Salón de Artistas del Alzate Avendaño. Centro Cultural Comfama de Aranjuez, 2000

Exposición  Salón Central, Museo de Antioquia,  1999.

Séptima Muestra Artística Zona Nororiental, Casa de la Cultura de Manrique, 1999

 Salón Nacional de Fotografía, Universidad de Antioquia,  Cámara de Comercio  de Medellín,. 1999.

VI Salón de Artistas Egresados Liceo Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, 1999.

 XV Salón de Arte Fotográfico Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, 1998

 Primera Bienal, IX Salón Colombiano de Fotografía, Club Fotográfico de Medellín, 1998

 II Muestra de Egresados  Liceo Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, Comfama de  Aranjuez,1997

 Muestra Artística Itinerante  Nacional, facultad de Bellas Artes. Universidad del Atlántico, 1997

 Tercer Concurso de Fotografía Documental, Los Trabajos y los Días., escuela nacional sindical, centro colombo americano, 1997

 VIII Salón de Fotografía, Comfenalco,  1997

 Muestra de Egresados , Facultad de Artes, Universidad de Antioquia, Cámara de Comercio de  Medellín, 1997

 Muestra de Grado, Facultad de Artes  Plásticas, Universidad de Antioquia, Comfenalco, 1997

 Segunda Muestra de Egresados Gilberto Alzate. Avendaño, Comfama de Aranjuez, 1997

  X Salón de Fotografía , Gobernación de Antioquia, 199

Concurso de Artes Plásticas y Literatura, Empresas Públicas de Medellín, 1996

VII Concurso de Fotografía.  Comfenalco,  1995

  VI  Concurso de Fotografía.  Comfenalco,  1994

  Sexto Encuentro de Artes Plásticas, Ciudad de Medellín, Museo de Antioquia, 1996.

 Cuarta Muestra Artística Zona  Nororiental de Medellín, Casa de la  Cultura de Manrique, 1996

  Primer Concurso Exposición de Fotografía, Universidad de Antioquia, 1996

 Muestra Colectiva de Pintura. Encuentros de egresados Liceo Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, Comfama de Aranjuez, 1995

 Segunda Muestra Gráfica Artística,  Cámara de Comercio de Medellín, 1995

 VI Salón Nacional  de Artistas , Museo Universidad de Antioquia,1995

 Tercera Muestra Artística. Zona   Nororiental. Casa de la Cultura de Manrique, Medellín

  Taller de Grabado, Facultad de Artes. Universidad de Antioquia, 1995

 Segunda Bienal de Fotografía, Museo Universidad de Antioquia, 1995

V Concurso de Fotografía, Comfenalco, 1994

Tercer Concurso de  Fotografía, Comfenalco , Medellín- Antioquia, 1992

 Proyecto Mural:,  Liceo Gilberto Alzate  Avendaño, 1987

Exposiciones Individuales:  SOLO EXHIBITIONS

 “Escrito en la piel”. Centro Cultural la Bodeguita del medio. Itagui, Mayo 2006.

 Retrospectiva “ Una Manera de Ver La Imagen Virtual “, Instituto Jorge Robledo, junio 2001

  Fotografías: “Proyecciones Virtuales” Comfama de Aranjuez, 1997

 Fotografías: “ La Imagen Virtual”, Academia Nacional de Artes y Oficios,1996

  Acuarelas y Grabados, Academia Nacional de Artes y Oficios, 1995

 Distinciones:   Awards

Monografía con mención de Excelente, Posgrado: Gestión y Promoción Cultural:  ”Diseño Curricular  para la   Enseñanza de las Artes Integradas en la Educación Secundaria para el Departamento de Antioquia”, con una óptica cultural., 2003.

 Entrevista programa “Ojo al maestro”, Señal Colombia, marzo 2003

 Participación programa  “Aire Puro”. sobre la Enseñanzas de las Artes Plásticas en Radio  Super, Canal AM, Medellín, mayo 2000

 Entrevista sobre las Artes Plásticas, Programa “Medellín es una Nota”, en Telemedellín,. mayo 2000

 Artículo: “Solo pinta con el corazón”  en el boletín cultural No.2 mayo de 1998.  Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano

 Beca de Estudio, según Resolución Académica 0997 del 09 de junio de 1999, para estudios de postgrado por ser la Mejor .Licenciada en Artes Plásticas, Facultad de Artes, Universidad de Antioquia.

Invitación Miembro Jurado VII Concurso Nacional de Pintura Cruz Roja de Antioquia, 1997

 Segundo Lugar, en concurso de Artes Plásticas y Literatura. Empresas Públicas de  Medellín, 1996.

 Mención Única , “Primer Concurso Exposición de Fotografías”, Universidad de Antioquia, 1996

 Honor al Mérito en Artes Plásticas, Liceo Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, 1987

Monica Chavarria was born in Medellin-Antioquia. She is graduated from Antioquia University in a Master's Degree in Management and Cultural Promotion; a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Antioquia University (Medellin-Colombia). She has been an art teacher for more than 19 years.

*She is the President of Hackensack Art Club, NJ

*Art Director and Curator of Club Colombia of Hackensack

*Curator Consulate of Colombia, Newark. NJ

*She  was Curator of Hackensack Brewing

*Member of Fort Lee Artist Guild

*Member of Creative Hackensack

​*Member of  New Jersey Artists, Union NJ.

*Art Educators of New Jersey

*Art Teacher Lincoln Avenue  School, Orange. NJ

School Musical. Orange Public Schools. 

                    Monica Chavarria Set designer


September : Barrels O' Art.   Stay Tuned

Agosto 2023 Exhibition:  "Color Latino", At Villas de Colombia. 

Curator Monica Chavarria,  Group Art Show

July 2023 Great events in the Month of Colombian Independence

July 8 Paint and Sip. By Monica . En el Rinconcito Musical, Hackensack, NJ

July 12. Art exhibition, Xpoarte By Club Colombia USA of Hackensack, NJ

Curator,  Monica (I)

July 15th Colombian Film Festival. Invites Colombian Consulate in Newark

July 23rd. Colombian Festival in Overpeck, Leonia. Visit my  Tent!

July 27th, Paint and Sip at Garden Hackensack Garden

March 9, 2023  Artist Demonstration at 

​55 Kip Ave, Rutherford, NJ 07070

At Johnson Public Library, Hackensack, NJ 07601
December 2022 and January 2023

JANUARY 2023. "Celebrating Life" with the Hackensack Art Club.

at Hackensack Performing Arts Center

October 2022. At the Museum of Louvre, France.